Building Your Big Dream in a Smaller Space


 A smart way to start making your life simpler.

We  are committed to building the best quality Tiny  Homes on Wheels right here in the Carolinas.    Our builders are taught and  influenced by Dan Louche and his crew at

We also teach young adults building skills and principals of construction.  




​Our custom built Tiny Homes on Wheels are attractive and practical for people interested in minimalist living or having an option for vacationing. These homes are built using Advanced Building Codes and are able to withstand the rigors of everyday living as well as being towed on highways. Not to mention they are super efficient and smart looking.

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Brett Mathew 

Owner of Carolina Tiny Homes LLC

Investing in Tiny Home Building

Would you would like to be one of the investors in Carolina Tiny Homes LLC?  Our investors have a say in the companies direction, marketing and outreach venues as well as a guaranteed return on your investment. Contact us to find out more about how to invest in Tiny Homes.